2.39:1 / HD / 2018
Detailing the work of esteemed Taphonomist & Palaeontologist Dr Caitlin Syme, PRESERVED EXISTENCE links Dr Syme’s in-depth research of her thesis study Isisfordia duncani and its modern-day descendants with the perceptible reverberations of evolution in our world. Through poetic visuals and a rich soundscape, Dr Syme shows us what aeons-old fossils can tell us about our present and our future.
Dr Caitlin Syme (Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist)
Directed, Written, and Produced by Gabriel Murphy
Music by Oscar Jemmott
Cinematography by Robin Tampoe
Edited by Reilly Vanniekerk
Sound by Luke Smart
Grip: Joe Watts
Executive Produced by Stephanie McArthur & Richard Fabb
A part of the SCIENCE FILM SPRINT at Congress '18 (November 27 - 30, 2018), in partnership with LiveLab at the Griffith Film School. Five factual filmmakers were paired with five leading scientists to produce a creative short science film over 72 hours!
The completed films were screened on the final day of Congress in front of a public audience and our esteemed judges, Shaminder Nahal from Channel 4, Takahiro Hamano from NHK and the new WCSFP conference director Paul Lewis, who determined the winner following the screening.
Preserved Existence was the runner-up of the science film sprint.